Saturday, February 16, 2013

My first week of blogging

A week ago I'd never written a blog, I didn't know how to start and I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted one. 

However, I did know I couldn't let our lovely suitcase sit in a corner for another 50 years without sharing some of the memories so I took the plunge. And I must admit I'm very glad I did.

The real point of this post is to thank everyone who has shown an interest, taken the time to read it, shared the link and most importantly, welcomed me to the world of blogging. It turns out bloggers are a very friendly bunch, not that I ever doubted that fact.

Special thanks go to my husband Tim over at HeroPress who sent The Happy Whisk and Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor my way - both of whom have been very welcoming and encouraging.

Clare at Three Beautiful Things was kind enough to include me on her blog and also found this wonderful story of a suitcase that is filled with nursing memorabilia from the First World War. I'm glad she thought of me when she came across the report.

I write for a living but working in PR, I am always thinking about the words I use and whether my client will like them, whether they will grab the journalists' attention or identify with the audience. Here I can write what I like, and I must say it's rather refreshing.

In fact, I liked my first taste of blogging so much that I started another one. Feel free to pop over to Miniatures make me happy and see what I'm up to there.

Once again, thank you for listening and sharing in our precious case of memories - it really is very much appreciated.


  1. You are welcome and keep those posts coming. I think its an interesting concept for a blog.

  2. wait... what about me i have given you a world of encouragements... and welcomed you with open arms... :) kidding... i too only want the best for you and your success, some people in the blog world only want to make it about themselves...

    1. Agghhh - I knew there was someone else I wanted to mention...sorry! And thank you for your continued support :-)

  3. Glad you're having a fun time of it. And it is refreshing to be able to write what you want to write. It's tons of fun. Glad you are one of us now.

    Here's to many more posts and tons more fun.

    Cheers and booige boogie.

  4. Just another reason for me to be so proud of my awesome wife. Keep up the amazing work!