Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy birthday, Pat

Today Pat would have been 78, although she never seemed that old. The Knights are blessed with very young looking skin so I always forgot that she wasn't as young as she looked.

To celebrate her birthday, and her life, the very kind ladies at Mount Ephraim House threw a lovely birthday memorial tea party in her honour. 

I know I've been bad at blogging (again) and that this isn't strictly related to the suitcase but it seemed only right to post today.

Although I've been back to Mount Ephraim House since Pat passed away in January, Tim hadn't. I was very proud with the way he coped with the day - first anniversaries are always hard but I'm very glad we were able to mark it in some way. 

We wanted to say thank you to the staff at Mount Ephraim for everything they did for Pat in the seven years she lived there. We made a donation which, between us, we agreed would be spent on a tea trolley and some nice china that would be used on special occasions - mainly because Pat loved a cuppa and a slice of cake.

Marilyn, the wonderful activities co-ordinator at Mount Ephraim, had a plaque made for the tea trolley (which was quite a mission!) but it means that Pat will be remembered there for a very long time.

We took some beautiful cakes along from Clare's Cake Creations which went down very well. 

The lounge was also adorned with papier mache tea sets which I love - might even have a go at making one.

Pat would have really enjoyed today. Her answer to everything was a cup of tea and if there was a biscuit or a little cake to go with it, then all the better.

Happy birthday, Pat xx 


  1. Saw a picture of your new little pup. So cute. Wishing
    you and your Honey Bunny and great New Year.