Thursday, April 4, 2013

A letter from a stranger

When the post arrived at work today it contained a wonderful surprise. I sometimes forget that this blog is public and that it's rather easy to find out where I work and contact me there.

Telephonists at work (L-R): Pat Gentry and Shirley Bourne
If you haven't seen the photo on the left before, it's one of the first I posted  here. I love it and have always thought Pat looks beautiful.

What we didn't know was why it was taken and who the other lady in the photo is - but now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we do.

When looking for answers about where Pat and Vic got married, I posted this blog in the 'New old photos of Tunbridge Wells' group on Facebook which is how, via a friend, it was discovered by Shirley Turner who is pictured on the right.

So, when I opened the post today the letter below was the first thing I saw. I'll let Shirley explain in her own words.

I think this is amazing. How lovely to have stirred up such memories and how wonderful that Shirley took the time to write and share them with me. She also kindly gave permission for me to post them here.

Along with the letter she also included a copy of the front page of The Post which is where the original photo appeared. The date means Pat was probably 20 when it was taken.

The wording under the photo reads Photo submitted by Tunbridge Wells Branch and published by courtesy of the "Tunbridge Wells Advertiser", which explains the stamp on the back of the photo pictured in my previous post.

Tim and I are so pleased that we now know more about the origin of the photo and about Pat's younger days. He also remembers the name Pat Strange and recalls going to school with Neil Bassett, son of Brian mentioned in the letter.

I should say this isn't the first time that someone has been in touch about the blog. I received a very intriguing phone call at work a few weeks ago which I hope to follow up soon.

More on that another day...


  1. For all the grousing about internet trolls and such, it constantly amazes me at the kindness to be found on the web. Great of Shirley to get in touch with you and give you more information.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I couldn't do this without the internet - I think it's amazing. Must get round to my next post though...