Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UPDATED: The new Mr and Mrs Knight

There are quite a few wedding pictures in the case and while I'm not sure who most of the bride and grooms are, there's one couple that I was very pleased to know.

Pat Gentry and Vic Knight were married on 14 June 1958. We're not sure where the church was but we assume it was in Tunbridge Wells.

The new Mr & Mrs Knight at their wedding reception 

The reception took place at Carrs Corner, also in Tunbridge Wells. The photos remind me of simpler times -although it's clear that everyone is dressed for a wedding. Pat was a very beautiful bride, more than fit for her handsome groom. 

Guests at the reception in Carrs Corner

I'd love to know if anyone recognises the venue - I assume it's a local restaurant or similar but I'm sure someone must remember it.

UPDATE: Someone did recognise the venue! Part of what I'm enjoying about this blog is that people are taking such an interest in it. However, on this occasion I have an apology to make as it turns out the venue wasn't at Carrs Corner so I am sorry to everyone who looked into where it might be. 

I posted the blog over on Facebook group New old photos of Tunbridge Wells where everyone was very helpful. Eventually a gentleman commented that he'd spoken to a guest at the wedding and could confirm that the reception took place at the church hall at Sibby's Corner in Hawkenbury.  

Kathleen Gentry (Pat's mother) and her sister Heather Seeney (nee Barber)

Pictured above is the mother of the bride Kathleen Gentry and her sister Heather, presumably arriving at the wedding. I love 50s fashion so am particularly fond of this photo. 

When Pat lived at residential home Mount Ephraim House, one of her fellow residents was a former beau of Heather. They hadn't seen each other for years but I always liked that they had shared memories.

Each of the photographs is in a cardboard frame with the photographer's signature featured in one corner. Michael Wheeler of Langton Green seems to have had quite a varied career. I notice he produced advertising material for Peter Adolph, the inventor of the Subbuteo football game. Pat worked for Subbuteo during her younger days so I wonder if this is how she came across Mr Wheeler?

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