Sunday, June 9, 2013

A spot of more recent history

Not every item in the suitcase is very old - I like the fact that some represent more recent history.

Pat was extremely proud of Tim, her only child, and I imagine she treasured the photo below because he appears in it and because it was taken for the local paper.

The fencing group being presented with their qualifications by the Tunbridge Wells Mayor.

Tim used to enjoy fencing and joined a local group in Tunbridge Wells. The photo above, which was taken by a photographer at the Kent & Sussex Courier, shows Tim and the rest of the group being presented with their fencing qualifications by the Tunbridge Wells Mayor and Mayoress.

It was taken in the Camden Centre, again in Tunbridge Wells, in the early nineties. I'm not sure I would have taken much notice of Tim when he had a beard (let alone marry him!) but I didn't know him at this point in his life.

So, did you spot him?

Tim, Pat's son, in the early nineties 

He can't remember much about the group but if anyone recognises themselves, do get in touch.


  1. Yeah those bearded rascals are what you need to watch out for. Especially one wielding an epee.

    1. Good point - should probably steer clear of anyone with a weapon...