Who's who?

There are quite a few names mentioned on this blog so below is a 'who's who?' that should help.

Patricia Knight (nee Gentry)

Born in 1935 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Pat Knight was my mother-in-law. The suitcase that this blog is based on was looked after by her for many years. When she passed away, we found it in her room at Mount Ephraim House. We believe much of the contents belonged to her father, Leslie Gentry. Pat was married to Vic and mother to Tim.

Victor Knight

Born in 1936 in Wadhurst, Sussex, Vic Knight became a telephone engineer. There he met Pat Gentry. They married and had son Tim.

Leslie Gentry

Father of Pat, we believe a lot of the contents of the suitcase belonged to Leslie and possibly his wife Kathleen.

Tim Knight

Son of Pat and Vic, Tim Knight was born in Tunbridge Wells in 1966. In 2007 he married Rachel Howsley.

Rachel Knight (author of this blog)

Wife of Tim Knight and daughter-in-law of Pat and Vic Knight.

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